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- [September 23, 2005]
I can't begin to describe the feeling I have right now.
There's a million different things having cat fights in my head.
Call him. Don't. I love him. Leave. Why? Can I forgive him?
You drain me. 24/7 there's a problem. Who am I seeing? Who did I call?
I've never lied. But according to you, I've never told the truth. My heart burns. I can't sleep. I can't think straight. I've paced for hours. I don't know why I hurt so much! I want to see you! I want your arms? But you disrespected me! And it was something you would never, ever want me to do to you. You know you crossed the line. Even if you didn't cheat. You crossed the line. IF I even talked to my ex, the content of my conversation would not be anywhere near that line. Because I love you. Because I respect you. How do you think Sylvia thinks of me now? Ha ha, he doesn't respect her at all. That's ok, I should let it slide. It was just talking. You didn't have sex with her. It's just your EX. The fucking slut you pay 800 a month to, that had your daughter. That you had great sex with at one time. But hey, I made mistakes too, right? This is different. God damn, I miss you. I'm so mad at you. I hurt so much right now. This has happened before you know... I don't feel like you respect me. You're so worried that I'm not thinking of YOU that you're NEVER thinking of ME! I don't know how to deal with your child, with Sylvia. With your hard earned money going to her carefree hands. With Amber dirty, mistreated, smoked around... but we can't get custody. No, it's a lost cause... Oh god, I can't do this. My head is spinning. I hurt so bad. I hurt so bad.